Why should you work remotely from Casa Maja in the South of Italy – Calabria?

When I used to occasionally work for diverse IT companies and then permanently for an American company, I worked from home in a structured and disciplined way with a productive mindset but also, with the help of a schedule which allowed me to interact with all my relevant stakeholders.

When I say I worked from home, I meant I worked from Badolato -  a small town that offers so much in terms of space, fresh air and safe distancing… just what you need to work remotely. Currently I dedicate myself entirely to the agricultural and tourism activities of the region and in future, I will focus on other activities such as sport, excursions and nature, which will allow me to immerse myself in a dimension completely different to that of living in a city.

In today’s world and because of the pandemic, many Italians are leaving big cities and moving to small towns and communities, searching for a more authentic lifestyle. Many institutions are also encouraging people through different incentives, to attract and retain new residents that are needed in these small areas. This has given rise to new enthusiastic entrepreneurs in small communities to work on exciting projects which as a result, lead to new professional roles such as Remote Project Manager, Smart Director, amongst others.

For Italian entrepreneurs, managers and freelance workers, this is a special occasion to change and overcome the hidden challenges from working remotely, for example, to reduce the fixed costs from having an office, increase their margins and the flexibility to adapt to the present situation, which is extremely uncertain in the current market. For professionals, smart working allows them to have the possibility to work in a hybrid mode which lets them value their own competences, optimise their own schedule, whilst finding the time to grocery shop online and celebrate their nephew/niece’s birthday on Skype! However, by working in the south of Italy, they would now have the chance of also experiencing a local and more relaxed lifestyle, by exploring beyond the solitude of their four walls and being instead surrounded by natural landscapes, with more outdoorsy options than those from cities in lockdown or with restrictions.

At Casa Maja, you can have the freedom to work from wherever you want and during the hours when you are most productive, whilst also being flexible and independent from your office location by working for any company in the world. So, if you are thinking of weekly/monthly stays dedicated to smart working and wanting to make a simple economic decision, surely you have by now, realised of the cost benefits of renting in Badolato rather than the urban and less exciting option. Only by reducing the travel costs from commuting from home to the office (for example, 3 hours a day for 24 working days, resulting in 72 hours in a month, which can represent several hundred in a year, as well as the additional costs of petrol) you could instead rent an apartment at Casa Maja for a month!


Casa Maja offers comfortable apartments with the following:

-         Internet system with wifi based on Optical Fiber, with Download performance of 81 Mbps and Upload of 20 Mbps.

-         Workstations with ergonomic chairs, printers and functional desks in your apartment.

-         For small breaks during working hours, a large garden, gazebo and barbecue area are available even during the winter months, and a new multimedia tavern will soon be ready as a common living area.

We have just also started a collaboration with the Smart way start-up https://www.smartway.work  who are specialists in smart destinations, where you can find our beautiful apartments listed. Working in the south of Italy, in the tranquil town of Badolato, will allow you to reconnect with nature by participating in slow local experiences related to the agricultural world, food and wine, or by simply going for relaxing beach walks or bike rides in the countryside.


Don’t think about it any longer and book your stay with us… we are waiting for you!


Francesco Leto, Fondatore Casa Maja & Destinazione “Riviera e Borghi Degli Angeli”

See below our apartments listed on SmartWay

Two bedroom apartment (44sqm) with balcony, 250m from the sea (P)

Two bedroom apartment (50sqm) with terrace, 250m from the sea (20)

Mansard (33mq) with terrace 250m from the sea (E)

Mansard (42mq) with terrace with sea views (F)

Two bedroom apartment (50mq) with terrace, 250m from the sea (14)

Two bedroom apartment (49mq) with balcony 250m from the sea (28)

Two bedroom apartment (54mq) with balcony 250m from the sea (15)

Two bedroom apartment (54mq) with balcony 250m from the sea (21)

Three bedroom apartment (63mq) with balcony 250m from the sea (16)

Three bedroom apartment (63mq) with balcony 250m from the sea (22)

Three bedroom apartment (63mq) with balcony 250m from the sea (17)

Four bedroom apartment (128) with balcony 250m from the sea (27)